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Tull meets Annachi

I thought Tamil music was restricted to the singular genius of AR Rahman. However, when I chanced upon this brilliant song called 'Kannugal Irundhal' from Subramaniapuram, Aleister Crawley's famous line"Forgive him Lord, for he does not know, what he says' felt true. The song is very folksy ala Jethrotull, and has a very nice rhythmic pattern, with an orchestral crest and trough alternating at various phases of the song. The delicate trills of the flute are beautifully segued into the main chorus, which has a high hummable quotient(for lack of a suitable word!!!).

The movie, incidentally, has been garnering some rave reviews for its celebration of the spirit that had rebels shouting hoarse in the 1980's under a banner called 'Nothing' To quote a review I read in this Sunday's Indian Express.

'The movie is a celebration of the embarassment that the first post-independence generation( the 'Midnight Children') felt about its parents,soaked in the fantasy of nationalism and mixed with garbled notions of Indian/Hindu tradition. It is a celebration of a rasa called Bhibatsa or'Disgust' .

Very interesting thought, considering the fact that at the other end of the spectrum,we have 'Illai Thalapathi' Vijay, churning out the same old tripe, with the only difference, being restricted to the pattern of the 16 beat kuthu( or tappanguttu as the ulsoor boys would say it') song, which is as essential to a Vijay film, as lemon pickle is to creamy white curd rice.

The video is below. And the music is by James Vasanthan, for those interested in knowing.


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Aug. 26th, 2008 04:41 am (UTC)
Loser, Alesteir Crowley it seems. That line was the third-to-last sentence spoken by Jesus before he died on the cross. Attributing it to Crowley is on par with the assertion that The Scissor Sisters wrote Comfortably Numb :-P
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