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Thoughts on cricket

Jack Fingleton on Harold Larwood: I, for one, will never cease to sing Larwood's praises as a bowler...One could tell his art by his run to the wickets. It was a poem of athletic grace, as each muscle gave over to the other with perfect balance and the utmost power. He began his long run slowly, this splendidly proportioned athlete, like a sprinter unleashed for a hundred yards dash. His legs and arms pistoned up his speed, and as he neared the wickets he was in very truth like the Flying Scotsman thundering through an east coast station...
The first time I was in runs with Larwood bowling I was watching, naturally, the batsman at the other end as Larwood ran up. Just as Larwood approached the crease I heard a loud scraping sound and the thought flashed across my mind that Larwood had fallen. He had not. A few yeards from the crease he gathered himself up and hurled all his force down onto a stiff right leg which skidded along the ground for some feet. How his muscles and bones stood this terrific test over the years is a mystery to me....I had this interesting experience from batting against Larwood. The first dorsal interasseous muscle between the thumb and the index finger, ached for a week after batting against Larwood, so severe was the concussion of the ball hitting the bat. I experienced this against no other fast bowler.

Nari Contractor on that fateful delivery from Charlie Griffith-I was originally not going to play in the Barbados tour game in which I got hit by the Charlie Griffith bouncer. We had been warned about Griffith's pace, and when he came on to open the bowling, we expected fireworks, but after his first over we thought he was pretty ordinary. On our way in to lunch Dilip [Sardesai] said to me: "Kya, ghanta fast hain!" ("Fast, my foot")



Apr. 16th, 2008 04:11 am (UTC)
Glad you liked it. Have been toying with the idea of reproducing my favourite articles on cricket..What better way to start!!!Watch this space for more



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