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Batman returns

Watched a Tendlya innings with a school boy’s enthusiasm after a very long time this morning. India predictably got off to a wobbly start with Zen master Jaffer and Dravid falling cheaply.

Tendlya had that glint in his eye which harked back to his innings of 116 at Melbourne in the 1998 tour. Coming off a humiliating defeat in the previous test, Tendlya launched a blistering attack, being particularly severe on Warnie. Today’s innings had the irreverence which we so associate with Sachin. He didn’t flinch when Lee subjected him to some chin music. He stood unruffled and promptly dispatched the loose deliveries, which the Aussies offered like misers, only occasionally. The whole package was coming together.

The ominous six off Brad Hogg was the highlight in his brief innings. Compared to England, where he seemed a bit bogged down, this innings had all the usual characteristics of a Sachin innings. He comfortably punched deliveries off his pads and sneaked those improbable two’s, though the MCG is a really big ground. The distinguishable factor when Tendlya is on song is evidenced by the footwork on his trademark cover drive. The chin upright and the bat close to the body reminded one of the principles laid down in Don Bradman’s book’ The Art of Batting’, which is the bible of modern day batting.

This Aussie series is of particular interest to all and sundry as it is probably the last time that the Fab Four would perform in their capacity as cricketers here.Who knows??Channel 9 can wink away Tendlya for a lucrative deal??the Tendlya and Warnie show!!!!. The mind boggles



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