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Dedicated to all tam-brahms. I read this from a very nice blog and it reminds me of my childhood days. Lots to reminisce abt and i think amu will concur with me???

"Amma makes sambhar very often, once in a day usually. I am not much of a sambhar fan. I like rasam much more - it is lighter and is unlikely to contain any vegetable that one dislikes.

Appa says it is illegal to make sambhar without the vendakkai. While it tastes rather nice, I don’t like it. Vendakkai is the vegetable that allegedly improves one’s performance in any mathematics exam. It helps to process complex problems and get you the elusive, Centum in Maths. However, no amount of Vendakai consumption helped me or my friend Poongothai. So I concluded that, it didn’t work. And just so that, amma didn’t put too much pressure on me by saying, why after so much of vendakkais also your maths scores don’t improve, I chose to boycott the vegetable completely.

However, slightly more difficult to ignore was – murungakka. We had a tree and T Anna got glasses when he was six. So murungakka found its way into every meal of ours. It is the most annoying vegetable. The flavour, while being nice, completely overwhelms every other taste. A small bit can sometimes get stuck in your throat and make you feel that you might choke to death. It is a bit annoying to watch people eat a murungakka, there is something brutal about it. It is a bit of a social embarrassment".


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Aug. 7th, 2007 09:14 am (UTC)
"Curd Rice"
This is another staple of the Tamilian's diet and I remember eating it all of school so that I can go to school with a "fresh mind"..and about the vendekkai..i dont think any amount of that would have changed your quantitative aptitude...hehehe..
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